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The Pub Clinic 2014

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Health checks for men at Vic pub

A country pub has been transformed into a doctor’s clinic in an effort to get men to focus on their health.
A Victorian country pub has been transformed into a Doctor’s clinic in a bid to get men to shake off their complacency about their health and visit a doctor.

Nurses and medical students carried out vital health checks, including blood pressure, blood sugar, height and weight in the comfortable surroundings of the Plough Hotel at Myrniong.

A free pot and finger food proved to be a successful incentive, with more than 150 men turning up to their local for a check- up and health tips.

Guest cardiologists told patrons how to avoid a heart attack, sharing life-saving advice.

The novel idea was developed by Dr Ravin Sadhai who has seen too many middle-aged men drop dead of a preventable disease.

He says if it takes a free beer to get some men to a doctor, it is worth it.

“You’ve got to have some compromise and it’s all about moderation,” he told 7News health reporter Karen O’Sullivan. “It’s good to have a beer with your mates and it’s good to talk about men’s health.”

The pub clinic is about men’s physical and mental health, the theme of the night was how to avoid a heart attack.

Some men said they wanted to learn more about their own health after losing their own fathers to heart attacks and prostate cancer.

Men heard of the benefits of exercise in combating depression, and how frequently they should see a doctor.

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With attendance of over 140 people, matched with beer, wine and local food produce flowing all night, The Pub Clinic 2014 was a massive success! We even had Channel Seven filming the entire event. Huge thanks to all of our sponsors, local health professionals, speakers and the many men who came along and put their health a top priority. Stay tuned for more on the Pub Clinic.

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